When should you change your corporate image

A good businessman knows that there is nothing superfluous when it comes to the details that represent his organization, and less if we talk about corporate image …

Nothing lasts forever. Not in the corporate world or anywhere else. So taking change as something natural is the best perspective to always be at the forefront.

Of course, some changes are more important than others, considered rather aesthetic or decorative. But a good entrepreneur knows that there is nothing superfluous when it comes to the details that represent your organization to the public .

With that in mind, it is convenient to think very well about the details of a good corporate image . When to change it? How do you know that the time has come for a refreshment? Here we will give you some keys to find out.

When should we change the corporate image?

Let’s briefly review the cases in which it is convenient to change the corporate image of your company.

When the company has taken its first steps

The moment of take off, obviously, will require the creation of a graphic identity that serves to represent your organization and make it known, give it its own personality . At no time should you do without such a tool: without a graphic identity, your company will be much more difficult to recognize in the contemporary, fast and crowded world.

When the company has established itself in its niche

This is a good opportunity to reshape the image of your organization, which will have finally reached a much higher, more accurate level of definition . It may even be that you have a different profile than what you initially intended, so it is the ideal time for an update.

When the previous design can be improved

A good graphic consultant could help you with this. If you feel that the corporate image is not exactly attractive, or does not reflect the spirit of your company, or it simply seems ugly, it may be time to rethink it in much more powerful and meaningful terms .

When the company name or strategy has changed

A change as significant as the business model or the name of the organization itself should be reflected in the graphic identity that represents it . In this way, the necessary link between what your customers perceive and the tasks that your company offers them will be preserved.

When new lines of business appear

A sudden growth of the startup, an unexpected investment that triggers new options, in short, any corporate addition would also have to have its space within the corporate image. Maybe not in a new one, but in a more versatile rethinking.

By following these guidelines, you will know well what type of makeover is right for you and when, as well as what graphic strategies to request from your design team or your art consultants. Remember, the image is much more than a purely cosmetic matter : it is the very content of what you project to the market.