Best Free Apps For Your Android Phone

Best Free Apps For Your Android Phone In The Year 2020

Own an Android phone but are confused about which Apps to download from the play store as the number of apps is huge. The numbers of Apps in the Play store are around 3.3 million and are increasing day by day. One can find multiple apps for the same REV Interactive functionality, which can get one confused as to what to download and what not to. Rather than trying each and giving your phone and yourself a headache, you must look for the ratings, its features, and how popular the app is. Let us know about these apps.

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Here we will be listing down a few free apps that you can consider according to your requirement and download on your android phone to utilize its functionality to the maximum.

  • 1Weather – It is one great weather forecast app you can find on the Google play store. It gives you updated information on forecasts, predictions, graphs, current weather conditions, and you have a tracker for even sun and moon.
  • AppLock – This app comes with many options; you can get premium features also if you pay for it. It helps you put a lock on your apps with passwords to have some privacy.
  • BlueMail – It is one-stop mail app from Google play for free. It keeps your email in line, supports various email providers, and has easy to use or simple features. It is customizable as per your need.
  • Credit Karma – Credit Karma is a financial app. Once a year, you can tally your credit score for free. If any major changes are happening to the credit score, it will notify you. Also, if there is an account opened in your name, you will be notified immediately.
  • Gboard – It is an official keyboard app for Google. It is simple, with not a lot of added features. The features it has are swipe typing, voice recognition, GIF, and emoji search. The best feature it has is the Google search option that is in-built.
  • Groupon – Coupon app that is available on Google and is very popular. You can get coupons and deals on this app for goods and services you want and save money. It keeps a record of all the deals and coupons you have utilized; this one is an app you must try.
  • Imgur – Imgur is an image database. Whatever entertainment related things you require, you will find most of them here, from GIFs, images to quotes. Another app which is like this is Giphy.
  • Zedge – If you want interesting wallpapers, alarm tones, or notification tones, this is one app that can provide you a large variety of the same. Users add the content here on their own.


These are some of the apps which have been popular in 2020, are simple to use, and are available free on the Google play store. These apps can make your experience on an Android phone much better and can increase its usability.